23 10, 2019

Specialty Medical Practice Loans


Specialty medical practices play an extremely important role in society, helping patients minimize pain, recover faster from disease, and learn to live with disabling injuries or chronic conditions — not to mention saving lives. Their focus on providing care makes it easy to overlook the fact that medical practices are businesses that need to be [...]

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6 11, 2018

How to Start, Expand or Upgrade Your Medical Practice


Whether you’re in the process of starting, expanding or upgrading your medical practice, it’s crucial to understand the current and future economic landscape of the industry. According to Health Carousel, the healthcare profession is in the midst of a period of rapid growth that will have it become the largest and fastest-growing sector in the [...]

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19 09, 2018

Medical Practice Financing


While doctors have three qualities that make them great potential loan candidates — strong earning potential, high net worth, and stable income — that doesn’t mean the financing process for medical practices is a piece of cake. The fact is, many physicians get into trouble when borrowing money because they don’t know how; they have [...]

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4 05, 2018

Medical Equipment Financing


All healthcare organizations face the challenge of Medical equipment financing and implementing the latest, ever-changing medical equipment while carefully managing budget dollars. The challenge is amplified for small and rural hospitals, which face higher demands from patients and an increased focus on improving the patient experience — but perhaps don’t have the cash flow to [...]

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