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Easy Application Process

Easy Application Process

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Easy Application Process

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Clear Skies Capital Equipment Financing

Modernize, expand, and elevate your business. Clear Skies Capital is more than just a financing provider; we’re your trusted partner in business advancement. We have extensive experience in navigating the equipment financing landscape and are dedicated to helping your company reach new heights.

Imagine The Possibilities

Modernize your operations with the most advanced equipment, expand your capabilities and services, or simply elevate your day-to-day efficiency. Clear Skies Capital empowers you to acquire the essential tools you need, all without sacrificing precious working capital.
Our equipment financing solutions offer a breath of fresh air for your business. Free up your cash flow for other crucial needs, like marketing or staffing, while still acquiring the equipment that fuels your growth. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer flexible payment options that seamlessly integrate with your budget and cash flow. Get the equipment you need, today.

Benefits for Every Business

Equipment financing offers a multitude of advantages for businesses of all sizes.


Preserve Working Capital

Equipment financing allows you to acquire the equipment you need to operate at peak performance without draining your cash reserves. This frees up working capital for other crucial business needs, such as payroll, marketing, or inventory purchases. Focus on running your business, knowing your day-to-day operations are well-funded.


Modernize and Innovate

Equipment financing empowers you to acquire the latest equipment and technology, keeping your operations at the forefront of your industry. This translates to increased efficiency, improved productivity, and a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Focus on Your Expertise

The process of acquiring new equipment can be time-consuming and complex. Clear Skies Capital streamlines the process, handling the financing details so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

What makes our Equipment Financing better?

We offer efficiency, speed, and competitiveness, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to personalized service, ensuring every client feels heard, supported, and empowered on their path to success.
Clear Skies Capital® Equipment Financing
Traditional Equipment Loan
Processing Time
2-4 Days*
45+ Days
Business Type
All Types
Businesses with operating history (typically more than a year) and revenue
Operating Business in the United States
Business Plan
Cash Flow
< 3-6 days of negative balances
Outstanding Debt/Credit
Credit-worthiness of business assures repayment of loan (FICO + Various measurements)
Credit-worthiness of business assures repayment of loan
+ Excellent personal credit
Money Down
Time in business
6 Months+
Loan Amount
Up to $2,000,000
Typically, 60% to 80% of collateral’s assessed value
Fixed interest rate with flexible payment terms
Fixed and variable rate loans, based on qualifications and prime rate
Repayment Terms
Fixed or variable monthly payments, which can be based on monthly revenue or cash flow
Monthly payments of principal and interest from the cash flow of the business
Maturity Terms
60 months
Varies, short- and long-term loans
Out of pocket fees
First + Last Upfront
Prepayment Penalty
Use of funds restrictions
Business related equipment

*Assuming all requirements are in place

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At Clear Skies Capital®, our values are the cornerstone of our commitment to customer service.

We value our clients as partners in their future growth, fostering relationships built on trust, transparency, and a shared interest in realizing their business aspirations.

Consultative Approach

Customize your equipment financing with Clear Skies Capital’s consultative approach. Our financing experts analyze your financial situation to recommend the loan that best fits your business requirements, ensuring a tailored financing solution that meets your unique needs.

Long-Term Partnership

We prioritize customer satisfaction, demonstrated through our high retention rate and 5-star Google rating. We aim to be a reliable and honest partner, dedicated to providing you with the equipment financing you require to excel in your business endeavors.

Broad Eligibility

Our financing options are accessible to businesses of all credit backgrounds, with simple and transparent eligibility criteria. To apply, all you need is a minimum of $150,000 in annual gross sales and at least six months of business history.