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We’re dedicated to helping small business owners like you secure the financing they need to succeed.

Easy Application Process

Easy Application Process

Got revenue but still need funding?

Unleash Your Growth
Potential with Revenue-Based Financing

You’re under no obligation when you apply. We offer a free consultation with no upfront fees.

Easy Application Process

We offer a convenient online application process.

Flexible Repayment

Customized repayment plans to meet your needs.

Quick Funding

Get funds within 24 hours
of approval!

Grow Without Limits: Revenue-Based Financing from Clear Skies Capital

Is your ambition for your business constantly bumping up against traditional funding limitations? Here at Clear Skies Capital, we understand the frustration. That’s why we offer Revenue-Based Financing, a revolutionary solution designed to empower growth-focused businesses like yours.

Imagine The Possibilities

Invest aggressively in marketing campaigns to reach new customers, accelerate product development to stay ahead of the curve, or finally hire that dream team to supercharge your operations. All this, without sacrificing precious equity in your company.
Revenue-Based Financing offers a refreshing alternative to traditional funding models. Your focus stays where it should be – on growing your business. Repayments are a transparent percentage of your sales, meaning you only pay as your revenue climbs. This flexible structure ensures a win-win scenario – your success fuels ours.
Don’t let limitations hold you back any longer. See how Revenue-Based Financing has helped businesses like yours achieve remarkable success stories across diverse industries.

Benefits for Every Business

Revenue-based financing offers a multitude of advantages for businesses of all sizes.


Preserve Working Capital

Unlike traditional loans or upfront equipment purchases, Revenue-Based Financing doesn’t drain your working capital reserves. You can invest in growth initiatives without compromising your ability to cover day-to-day operational expenses.


Reduce Risk & Stress

Revenue-Based Financing eliminates the risk of taking on excessive debt. Your repayments are directly tied to your sales, ensuring you never pay more than your business can comfortably afford. This reduces financial stress and allows you to manage your cash flow with greater confidence.


Improved Cashflow Management

Revenue-Based Financing provides the flexibility to allocate your cash flow strategically. Invest in areas that will generate the highest return, knowing your financing partner is there to support your growth journey along the way.

Hear from our happy clients!

We are proud of our 5 Star Reviews in Google, please read our testimonials.

At Clear Skies Capital®, our values are the cornerstone of our commitment to customer service.

We value our clients as partners in their future growth, fostering relationships built on trust, transparency, and a shared interest in realizing their business aspirations.

Consultative Approach

Clear Skies Capital stands out from other lenders by providing personalized solutions for your working capital needs. We thoroughly analyze your financial situation to recommend the loan that best fits your business requirements.

Long-Term Partnership

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our high retention rate and our 5.0 rating on Google. We’re not just in it for the short term—we strive to be a trustworthy and dependable partner to provide the working capital you need to thrive.

Broad Eligibility

We are committed to helping businesses of all credit backgrounds with straightforward eligibility requirements, requiring only a minimum of $150,000 in annual gross sales and at least six months of business history.

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