How Small Businesses Overcome Seasonal Fluctuations

Even in places that are blessed with good weather year-round, summer is different — and it’s extremely different in places that suffer from traditional wintry weather. For most students, school is out, so many families choose to take vacations during the months of June, July and August, and that’s good news to many small business owners.


This season of travel can play big dividends for businesses that thrive during the summer vacation season, especially those that are poised to take best advantage of the increasing demand for their products or services. But those businesses also need a game plan to survive during the leaner months.


Strategies to Use During the “High Season”


If you understand your business’s seasonal cycle, there are several things to consider to make the most of this historically busy time:


  • Hire seasonal workers to help maximize efficiency and profit
  • Increase inventory to be prepared for higher demand
  • Increase the days/hours you are open
  • Ramp up your marketing efforts in the weeks and months before your high season and during it


The last thing you want to do is not be prepared to adequately handle the onslaught of customers you expert.


Strategies to Overcome Seasonal Fluctuations


Equally important as being able to take advantage of higher demand during a busy season is making plans to continue operations when things are slower. Planning and budgeting by setting aside profits from peak times is a great start but may also want to consider the following:


  • Diversify your offering to cater to different needs
  • Target different markets, perhaps those with varying climates and preferences
  • Offer special promotions to incentivize purchases
  • Enhance your online presence to maintain connections and drive sales
  • Create customer loyalty programs to encourage repeat business and stability
  • Adapt and innovative by implementing cost-cutting measures, partnerships and season-specific services
  • Train your employees to enhance their skills and customer service


Rather than lamenting that your “hot” season has passed, be creative to soften the financial blow of relying on just a few great months to keep your business afloat year-round.




The Bottom Line


You may have noticed that the two lists above — strategies to use during your busiest times and during seasonal fluctuations — have one important thing in common: they require an investment of time and money. As a business owner, putting in the time should be a given. And, you have more control over the cash component than you might think if you take advantage of funding options offered by alternative lenders. Unlike traditional funders like banks, which might not look favorably upon the seasonal nature of your business, alternative lenders will work with you to devise a funding strategy that supports your year-round goals.


Clear Skies Capital has helped many owners of seasonal businesses get the financing they need in a timely fashion to take advantage of busy times and get through slower times. Contact us today at 800-230-9822 to discuss your business’s needs.