22 03, 2023

Trucking and Transportation Equipment Financing


Despite challenges such as high fuel and equipment prices, labor concerns, shipping rates, inflation and recession talk, trucking and transportation are set for a return to normality for the balance of 2023 according to industry experts. That is good news for owners of trucking and transportation companies, since trucking remains the most relied-upon freight transport [...]

Trucking and Transportation Equipment Financing2023-03-22T03:20:55+00:00
10 11, 2022

How to Get Equipment Financing for Your Trucking Business


While the trucking industry has faced its fair share of challenges, it remains an important cog in the supply chain—almost 70% of U.S. goods are carried from one state to another by trucks. Even though more than 5.8% of jobs in the country are related to the trucking industry, there is a shortage of truck [...]

How to Get Equipment Financing for Your Trucking Business2022-11-10T02:10:53+00:00
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