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8 09, 2022

Business Line of Credit For Cake Bakeries


For many people, owning a bakery is a labor of love, an opportunity to share their passion and prowess for baking cakes and other sweet goodies with customers who hopefully will become regulars. But don’t kid yourself—it takes a lot more than the ability to turn flour, sugar and other ingredients into craveable creations to [...]

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21 03, 2022

Cannabis Business Loans — Part 1


While more and more cannabis businesses are being recognized as legitimate operations, the path to financing in this industry is still a bit murky. Cannabis remains a Schedule I controlled substance on a federal level, so even if it’s legal in your state, you won’t be able to get a cannabis business loan from a [...]

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8 04, 2021

How to Get The Most Out of Merchant Cash Advances


Businesses that rely on sales for revenue — such as restaurants, bars, retail stores and salons — may have a hard time qualifying for traditional bank loans. That certainly doesn’t mean they’re out of luck when it comes to securing funds, and one alternative financing option to consider is a merchant cash advance.   Merchant [...]

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16 02, 2020

Addressing 2020 Small Business Trends


The start of a new decade offers plenty of opportunities to take a hard look at your business and decide if you’re headed down the right path. Staying current with buying trends is one way to ensure you’re doing all you can to make it easy for customers to do business with you. For example, [...]

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30 07, 2019

Is a Merchant Cash Advance Right for Your Business?


It's a fact that many small to medium-sized businesses have a difficult time obtaining the working capital they need to sustain themselves and to expand. In the correct situation, a merchant cash advance can be a good option for your company. Let’s assume you’re a small business in need of capital immediately. A merchant cash [...]

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23 07, 2019

Should I choose a merchant cash advance loan?


1.) Do you need a quick cash injection to see your business through a difficult time? 2.) Do you have a bad credit rating and find it difficult to secure a loan from traditional finance providers? 3.) Does most of your income come via credit and debit card sales? If you answered “yes” to any [...]

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16 07, 2019

What is a merchant cash advance exactly?


When a small business needs to raise capital fast, a merchant cash advance is a quick, painless way to secure funding. How They Work Merchant cash advances aren’t loans. They are advance payments against the future income of your company. Clear Skies Capital provides you with a lump sum which you then repay automatically. A [...]

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21 05, 2019

Auto Repair Shop Business Loans


Cutting-edge technology is having a significant effect on the automotive industry, something that obviously affects the shops tasked with performing auto repairs. According to Keubix, a next-generation transportation management system provider, there are five ways technology is shaping the automotive industry: Internet of Things (IoT). The concept of everything being connected to everything has three [...]

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