Clear Skies Capital understands the problem. Sometimes securing a working capital loan is all the help you need to maintain or expand your business. These are short term loans for smaller amounts. However, if you don’t have a good credit rating and want no credit check done, it can make things very difficult for you as a business owner.

There are alternatives, such as using collateral to secure a working capital loan, but perhaps this option isn’t open to you either. You may not wish to use your personal assets as security for your business debts.

Banks have become more and more reluctant to supply loans to small businesses. If they do, they usually do very strict credit checks. They have a lot more restrictions in place since the last financial crisis.

Traditional finance institutions need to keep their risks low so don’t lend funds to businesses that may default on payments. Alternative lenders, such as Clear Skies Capital, are much more sympathetic and helpful towards small businesses such as yours.

CSC Can Help

Bad credit ratings are a fairly common problem for many small businesses requiring loans. Clear Skies Capital are willing to help in these situations. We understand the difficulties involved for small businesses who just want to get on and build their company yet have the wrong credit rating. We know that it can be an uphill climb trying to find a credit provider willing to help. Business owners are in a no-win situation because they need cash to get the business on a better footing yet cannot obtain any.

Clear Skies Capital understands how easy it is to get into situations of bad credit. Equipment breaks down, emergencies happen, customers default on payments, or staff leave at inopportune moments. Things often don’t work out as planned in business.

Fast, Simple Application

Fill in our simple online application form and let us assess the situation for you. How successful your application is will depend on how your bad credit situation happened in the first place. It takes just minutes to apply and there’s no paperwork, hidden fees, or branch visits necessary. All we need are some basic details about the business.

We Say “Yes” More Often

Our decision of whether to supply you with funding is based more on the real performance of your business than on your credit rating. We’ll provide you with a decision very quickly- usually within a day. There’s no unnecessary waiting, no fees, and no commitment. Even once your funding has been approved, you will be under no obligation to accept it. We’re totally transparent about our fees so you’ll know exactly how much needs to be repaid and when it’s due.

We’re Flexible

We’ll tailor a package to suit your business’s needs. You can repay as quickly as you like if you wish to save. We won’t charge early repayment fees.

How to Make the Most of Your Working Capital Loan

Work out a method to your spending, it’s a good idea to first pay any immediate expenses such as electricity accounts, rent and wages. Once those have been dealt with, you can look at using what’s left for less pressing needs like expanding stock or upgrading your technology.

Always try to repay early

The quicker you repay, the more you’ll save on the cost of your loan.

We’re Here to Help

Working capital loans can be an enormous help to small businesses who want no credit check. Of course, you’ll be able to obtain better rates if you have a strong credit score, but we also consider other factors. We look at how long you’ve been operating and how much money your business makes every month. We can help you with some funding to maintain daily operations to make it through the slower months. Contact us now for any information you may require.