Heavy Equipment Financing

Whether your construction company is large or small, Clear Skies Capital knows exactly what you need to grow and flourish as a business. We’re an alternative lending institution supplying heavy equipment financing for a vast range of construction equipments.

We even offer loans for used equipment. Our team of financial experts is offering a number of flexible finance solutions that solve our customers’ specific needs. If, for example, you need machinery or a vehicle fleet, we can help.

The best part is we’ll talk you through different options to work out which is the best for your situation.

Benefits of financing your heavy equipment with Clear Skies:

  1. We have eSignature capability which hastens the process.
  2. We fund you directly without using brokers.
  3. We offer very competitive rates.
  4. We have a great deal of experience with heavy equipment, so we understand how your business operates.
  5. Our financing is flexible to provide for a vast range of new or used heavy equipment.
  6. Our application process is online, quick and easy.
  7. We have a very quick response time. We’ll usually reach a decision within 24 hours.
  8. In certain instances, we allow seasonal repayments.

When you need Clear Skies

It’s a scene well known to owners of many construction companies. You need to purchase a front-end loader or dump truck. It makes sense to get one now as it will reduce building costs in the future and you won’t need to rely on sub-contractors. You’ll also save revenue because you’ll be able to finish your jobs in a shorter time. However, heavy construction equipment doesn’t come cheap, even if it’s pre-owned.

Not many small construction businesses have enough working capital available to buy the equipment outright. One option is to hire it, but this works out expensive in the long term. Particularly if it’s equipment you’ll be using again and again.

Our solution at Clear Skies Capital is to provide finance for the purchase of heavy equipment. This enables you as a business owner to still maintain a degree of liquidity while at the same time expanding your business and taking it to the next level.

What you need to know before you apply

As lenders, here are a few of the things we’ll need from you to be able to process your application quickly and hassle-free:

Your exact requirements

Obviously, you’ll need to have done your homework on exactly what heavy equipment you require and what jobs you want to perform with it.

Your financial needs in relation to loan terms

You must have an idea of how much you can pay off monthly on a loan and how you’re going to do it. This will help us greatly in finding the correct funding option for you.

How long you plan to use the equipment

If you plan to use your equipment for years to come, then a longer-term option may be better. This will mean that your monthly repayments will be less. But in case the equipment is just going to be used for a one-off project or a single contract, you’ll probably only need it for a short time. Should that be the case, you may prefer to finance an operating lease.

If your business is seasonal, we may suggest a loan arrangement that varies the payment amount each month. You’d pay more in the busier months and less when things are quiet.

How quickly you need the funds

Traditional financial institutions take weeks to review all your paperwork. Even once this has been done, the funds may not be immediately available. With us, we’ll generally be able to let you know within twenty-four hours and the funds will be available shortly after.

Talk to our experts today

Contact us now and talk with one of our friendly agents if you need assistance. You’re under no obligation to take a loan from us, even if it’s been approved. Don’t delay, your equipment is waiting!