Don’t Let Lack of Conventional Financing Put the Brakes on Your Success.

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How We Can Support You

In the trucking industry, it’s common to be waiting to be paid for up to 60 days — but what do you do for cash in the meantime? Most banks will politely say no to your request for financing — even on a short-term basis — and they certainly can’t act at the speed you require. We will say yes, and provide the funds you need to maintain and/or grow your trucking business.

A working capital loan or equipment financing from Clear Skies Capital may be the perfect solution to help you weather a cash flow problem, maintain normal operations and be able to accept new opportunities. We want to see you succeed, and are ready to serve as your advocate to get you the funding you need.

We understand you may need cash — quickly — to bridge the gap between receivables and payables, for expenditures such as:

  • Make Payroll:
    Get the cash you need to take care of late running receivables.
  • Pay Taxes:
    Stay up to date on unforeseen taxes.
  • Meet Payables:
    Take care of seasonal demand, low-paying freight, high-overhead, and late running payables.
  • Buy Equipment:
    Buy or update equipment to fulfill new jobs and contracts. Take advantage of advancements in technology that help you stay ahead of the competition.
  • Staff Up For New Jobs:
    Take care of upfront costs of new hires to fulfill new jobs and contracts.