Equipment Finance

Industrial Equipment Financing

When we talk about industrial equipment, we’re usually referring to large, heavy, expensive equipment used largely in the construction industry. But because it’s so costly, it’s a given that most small companies require industrial equipment financing at some point in their corporate lives.

Equipment financing background

The equipment financing market remains a mystery to most people. But it’s one of the biggest financial industries worldwide and has a $1.6 trillion market value.

Historically, the equipment financing market was straightforward. If you needed funds to purchase a front-end loader or excavator, you’d go to the bank and apply. They would take a few weeks to look over your application and maybe give you the cash. Then the recession happened in the US in 2008 and banks became more conservative. The result of the crash was that a lot of lenders refused to help small businesses with a less than rock solid credit rating.

This is where alternative lenders like Clear Skies Capital come in. We’re aiming to fill this gap in the market and make getting industrial equipment funding easier than if you went to a traditional lender. It’s our goal to make the whole process friendlier and far less complex.

Clear Skies Capital is a company that lets you apply for and get industrial equipment financing online, even if your credit rating isn’t perfect. We increase your capacity as a business owner and provide you with fast access to the funding you need to take on equipment and complete those big contracts on time and within budget.

Benefits of financing industrial equipment

Financing its industrial equipment provides a company with many advantages. It frees up working capital to be used for other expenses. It also means that a company can take advantage of the tax laws and purchase the equipment at a lower cost. Plus, the company gains the benefits of having newer equipment that’s less likely to break down in the middle of an important project.

Benefits of financing through Clear Skies Capital

Clear Skies Capital has many years of experience with industrial equipment financing. We have a very simple online application process that’s free of charge. We have a very quick response time and can usually give you an answer within twenty-four hours.

Traditional lending institutions can often keep you waiting for weeks, while that lucrative contract passes you by. Clear Skies Capital boasts a high rate of approval compared to other lending institutions. You won’t be left high and dry while waiting for answers.

We’re happy for you to choose the type of equipment yourself from your seller of choice. In short, we provide problem-free financing, fast!

  • Flexible, tailor-made terms
  • Lower interest rates than banks
  • Easier process than going through a bank
  • Approval within a matter of days
  • No complicated paperwork
  • We allow used equipment purchases

Talk to our experts

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of industrial equipment and machine tools. If you need an upgrade, we help you to afford one. Having the most up to date and reliable equipment for your business means that you can offer your customers excellent service and finish contracts on time. This saves you from paying penalties and keeps you first in line for any further contracts.

We know who the most reputable industrial equipment vendors are and we’re more than happy to share that information. With our help, you’ll be able to purchase affordable, quality equipment. All it takes is just three simple steps:

  • Get a free quote
  • Fill out a simple online application
  • Receive your industrial equipment finance

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